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Game Changes in Freight Tech Showcase
Game Changers in Freight Tech Showcase

Game Changers in Freight Tech is a unique opportunity to see the latest advancements and technology transforming the freight and logistics industry. It's not just about hearing about these changes—it's about seeing them in action, understanding how they work, and envisioning how they could be helpful to your operations.

Hosted by Chris Arredondo of Cargo Chief, this free virtual event spans two days and features insightful panels and demos. It's a chance to delve into cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions that streamline logistics processes, optimize operations, and enhance supply chain management.

The event features keynote speakers Anne Reinke, President of TIA, and Charlie Saffro, CEO of CS Recruiting. Their insights and experiences promise to provide valuable perspectives on freight technology's current state and future direction. They'll share their knowledge, predictions, and advice for navigating this rapidly changing industry.

The event's agenda features industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts driving change in the freight tech space. Panel discussions include:

  • Fortifying Resilience: Preparing for Challenges with Technology as Your Ally
  • The Partner Puzzle: How to Evaluate and Compare Tech Partners Effectively
  • Breaking the Plateau: Maintaining Momentum for Continuous Growth
  • Beyond Price: Unraveling the Value Differentiation of Tech Partners
  • Overcoming User Hesitations: Removing Barriers to Influence Product Adoption

We're particularly excited to announce that our very own Parker Caldwell and Ben Jones will be part of the event, showcasing the capabilities of Denim. On Thursday at 2:50 pm EST, they will give attendees a demonstration of the Denim dashboard. They'll show how its functionality can save your brokerage time and money through smart automation and flexible factoring. Plus, they'll give a first look at our newest feature: Document Collection.

Additionally, Ben will participate in the panel discussion on 'Overcoming User Hesitations: Removing Barriers to Influence Product Adoption,' scheduled for Thursday at 3:05 pm EST.

The "Game Changers in Freight Tech" event is more than a conference. It's a chance to witness firsthand the impact of technology on the freight industry. It's an opportunity to learn from the best in the business and to gain insights that could shape the future of your operations.

So, take advantage of this opportunity. Join us and the rest of the industry's game-changers as we explore the future of freight technology together. Whether you're an industry veteran or a scaling brokerage, this event promises to be insightful and full of ideas you can take back to your organization.

Get your free ticket today to the Game Changers in Freight Tech Showcase.

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting
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