Connect your logistics, money, and data.

Factoring with Denim

Get access to the capital you need, when you need it.    

Manage your financing options from a single convenient portal. With back-office automation, collections, and document services.

Technology to modernize freight payments with transparent finance

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Fast working capital

Invoice factoring to turn your net 30 invoices into overnight payments.

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Business focused

Maximize efficiency with automated freight bill audit, seamless document collection, and customized team roles & permissions.

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QuickPay that you control. Pay factored or non-factored. No additional fee for factored jobs.

Select what jobs to factor and when

Use the capital you need. When you need it. All at a cost you control.

Simplify your workflow with a TMS Integration

Enhance your operational efficiency by integrating your preferred TMS and/or QuickBooks systems with our advanced Freight Payment System. This real-time data exchange streamlines processes, eliminates manual data entry, and minimizes the risk of inaccuracies and oversights. Quickly pay your contractors and get paid faster for your shipments. Experience a truly integrated and efficient workflow, designed to support your logistics business success.

What is Factoring?

Carrier delivers load and sends invoice

The broker, carrier, or 3pl delivers the goods to the customer. After delivery, an invoice is issued to the customer, who typically has between 30-90 days to pay.

Invoice factored with reliable partner

Instead of waiting for the customer to pay, the trucking company sells the invoice to a freight factoring company at a discount - that’s where we come in!

Advance paid on the invoice

The freight factoring company (Denim)  provides an immediate cash advance to the trucking company, usually around 90% of the invoice value.  Allowing  you to pay your contractors without floating the expense.

After invoice is collected, you’ll get the remainder.

After the invoice has been collected by Denim, we’ll pay you the remaining balance from the invoice reserve, minus the factoring fee.

Why Denim Factoring?


Flexibility is key in today’s market. Not every job needs to be factored. Payments systems should give you the flexibility to choose how to pay. With Denim, choose what and when to factor on your own timeline.


We stand by our commitment to no hidden fees, guaranteeing you clear, straightforward pricing. Keep everyone in the loop with automated payment status emails. Trust Denim  for an open, honest, and seamless factoring experience.

Easy to Use

Simplify communication with tools like One-Click Document Collection and automated payment notifications. Streamline and expedite the payment process for everyone involved.

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