Denim does not have a banking relationship with SVB, we have full access to our operating capital, and we are processing daily payments. For further details please log into your client account.

Freight Broker Factoring

Pay your carriers faster & more efficiently

We offer the most technologically-advanced factoring for freight brokers. Simplify your post-load operations, including collections, carrier payments, financial reporting, and more. Get the working capital you need to run your brokerage.

What You Get

A light blue icon of an analog clock face
Invoice factoring to turn your net 30 invoices into overnight payments
A light blue icon of an open hand with a dollar sign
Free and convenient QuickPay options for your carriers
An icon of a person with a plus sign in light blue
Establish broker credit with major reporting agencies
A light blue icon of a percentage character
Interest-free factoring
A light blue icon of a bar chart with an upward trend
No monthly minimum revenues
A light blue icon of money coming out of an opened envelope
Manage 90-day collection calls through Denim's Collection Team
A light blue icon of a personal check
90% advance of your funds in 1-2 business days
A light blue icon of two arrows going in opposite directions indicating exchange
Free ACH Bank Transfers

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