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Flexible Factoring in Your Control

On any factored job where you would like to factor at least a portion of the job, pick and choose the payment(s) you want to factor. For example, factor your carrier’s payment while forgoing your own advance.

For each payment that you factor, choose a payment date from the next 30 possible funding days. The further out the date, the lower your rate to factor.

Denim calculates your fees in real-time so you can understand your costs to factor.





Flexible Factoring Will Save You
Flexible Factoring Discount Rate

Full Price Factoring Fees
(at base rate)


Total Fee After Delay Discount


Factoring Reimagined with Denim

Denim Ultimate guide to factoring for freight brokerages
Integrated Load Data

Save time and reduce manual errors by automatically sending load data from your TMS to Denim.

Streamlined Document Management

Eliminate delays and improve accuracy with carrier document uploads into the Denim portal, where documents are instantly matched to the corresponding load.

Automated Invoicing

Reduce financial risk by automatically generating and sending invoices to shippers as soon as they are ready while simultaneously submitting loads for factoring approval by Denim.

Real-Time Status Updates

Strengthen carrier relationships with real-time payment status tracking.

Proactive Collections Management

Stress less over collections with automated invoicing and aging invoicing management.

Customer Success Story

Yeti Logistics Slashes Factoring Expenses by 18%

Yeti Logistics needed a factoring solution that was easy to use and provided flexibility to continue scaling their business. With Denim, Yeti has integrated their technology stack to improve operational efficiency significantly:

Yeti Logistics logo in white

Through Denim's flexible factoring, Yeti Logistics saves nearly $20,000 annually on factoring fees.

Denim & EKA's integration reduced time spent on redundant data entry by 75%.

Denim's intuitive dashboard only took 25 minutes to master.

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