Integrate your dashboard with your TMS and QuickBooks systems to seamlessly exchange data in real time

Save time and money by automating your data entry and avoid typos, errors, and omissions. We make job submissions easy!

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Streamline Your Broker Operations

Finally, there's a solution that saves you time and money on data entry. With Denim Integrations, you'll eliminate costly errors from typos and omissions. Plus, with an automated workflow, you'll get paid even faster for shipments and can pay carriers in less than 48 hours from delivery.


Tai Software
Seamlessly exchange data in real time.
Free 1-year premium subscription to the world’s top-rated transportation management software.
EZ Loader
Save time during data entry and eliminate data entry errors to receive funding faster.
Intuit QuickBooks
Automatically reconcile all your invoices, bills, and payments easily every month.

Easy Setup

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Receive your API key
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Enter your API key into your TMS or QuickBooks and you're set!

What's Coming?

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Two-way data synchronization on payment status and credit lines.
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New TMS and Accounting partners.

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