Denim’s Freight Payment System pricing is made to scale with you. Schedule a demo with our sales team to see how Denim can help your freight brokerage compete.

Pricing built for SmartBrokers.
Tools and Technology You Need to Succeed

Freight Payment System Pricing

Freight Brokers can use Denim’s Freight Payment System for $4 per non-factored job. Take advantage of our flexible product support and suite of software integrations. Manage your payment, credit, and collections all in one place.

Factoring Rates as low as 1%

Per factored invoice for qualified accounts.*

Cut payment processing time by 75%

Spend more time building relationships not doing admin tasks

Win more loads, make more money, build your business

What’s Included

One platform for all of your freight payment needs. Get access to a suite of tools, dashboards, and automations designed for the SmartBroker.  Over a dozen features are at your fingertips with Denim’s integrated factoring and per-transaction pricing.

Included in all plans:

Invoice Factoring

Turn your net 30 invoices into overnight payments.

Credit Checking

Same day credit checks so you can protect your business from industry related risks.

TMS Integration

Eliminate duplicate data entry by connecting your TMS.

Managed Collections

Eliminate tiresome collection calls from your daily routine.

Carrier QuickPay

Free and convenient QuickPay options for your carriers.

Automated Invoicing

Focus on building your business while we automate your invoicing.

QuickBooks® Integration

Your accounting processes will take minutes instead of hours, so you can focus on moving freight.

Credit Builder

Establish broker credit with major reporting agencies.

Additional Services:
For accounts that qualify*

Volume Discounts

Get a lower rate for conducing more factoring business with Denim.

Time Discounts

Save money with flexible payment days.

Custom Reporting

Built to give you a specific view into your business activity

Enterprise Support Team

Service & support with a deep knowledge of your business.

Custom API Integrations

Easily connect & manage in-app technology integrations

Green quote icon.
Denim is disruptive, a great listener, and able to change the way their clients perform.
Dale Prax - CEO, Direct Expedite

** To qualify for low factoring rates and additional financing & support services, brokers must meet a minimum threshold of monthly factoring volume and/or value. For more information on if you qualify, contact our enterprise sales team.

Fright broker pulse report image.
Freight Broker Pulse Survey
78% of brokers agree if less time was spent on back-office broker operations, their business would be more successful.

How long does your 'quick pay' take to issue payment to carriers/truckers?

Payments are issued typically within 2 business days, pending errors or special conditions.

Is there a minimum volume requirement?

Yes, Denim requires a minimum monthly requirement.

Is there a minimum factoring fee per invoice?

No, there is no minimum factoring fee per invoice. You Can upload a $200 invoice, a $2,000 invoice, or a $20,000 invoice all through the same system.

What is the minimum contract duration with your factoring company? Do you have a month-to-month option?

Our standard agreement is on a month-to-month basis.

Large payments volume?

If you’re a broker with a large payments volume or high value transactions, reach out to discuss alternative pricing options. Our team will review your current invoices and can help design a customized pricing package.

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