TMS Discounts & Working Capital Helped Faith Corps Logistics Grow

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Faith Corps Logistics, based in Florida, was founded by Donta Allen. Allen took the time to sit down with Denim and discuss a little bit about his experience with our financial enablement platform, customer service team and the logistics industry as a whole. 

A History of Faith Corps Logistics

As a new broker who had worked in HR his entire career, Allen learned about Denim from another broker who mentored him through the startup process. This broker said that Denim would give startup freight brokers the opportunity to get their feet under them. Allen was looking for a financial partner that could pay out his invoices and grant him the capital needed to pay his carriers as a new broker. That’s just what he found in Denim, but what was his main selling point? 

Why the Freight Brokerage Chose Denim

While Allen agreed that cash flow was one of the main issues when starting out, he signed on with Denim because we offer Ascend TMS free for the first year. He was expecting to pay for his TMS, but this TMS integration allowed him to keep his overhead low and minimize costs. 

The customer service team helped him get established and showed him how to operate everything within the platform, from the dashboard to entering customers and contractors. It was a really valuable experience for him because he’s “really a hands-on learner”. 

Allen reaches out regularly to the customer service team and his account manager. He messages them three or four times a week so he can stay current with what’s going on with Denim. He also stays up to date on industry trends and new information in the freight broker industry via FreightWaves.

So far, Allen has had great success working with Denim. “Denim being there has helped me reach more customers and have the capital to actually payout. I offer no-fee QuickPay which allows me to gain more carriers that I may not necessarily have access to because I don’t have a credit rating yet," he explains.

Denim enables Allen to build a business for his three children to eventually run in the future and hopes they will enjoy the industry as much as he does. He left us with his favorite part of working in the industry. “The pace. I love fast-paced. I love being able to have that adrenaline rush talking to different customers, carriers, shippers”. 

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting
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