FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain: Top 5 Must-Attend Sessions

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Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and host of the upcoming FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain. The two-day event starts on June 21st with a packed agenda of engaging discussions, rapid-fire demos, and hands-on learning experiences. 

To help you prepare your schedule, we have curated a list of five key sessions that are unmissable:

1. How Tech and Operations Can Best Collaborate

In this fireside chat, Zach Jecklin and Jay Gustafson of Echo Global Logistics demonstrate the potential of data science to transform operations, bolster customer service, and fortify partnerships. Echo's journey offers a roadmap for other companies looking to leverage technology in their digital transformation journey.

2. VC Trends and the Supply Chain Tech of the Future

Pat Martin from Venture 53 offers a fresh perspective on emerging trends in freight tech. His insights into the metrics investors value most and the state of the capital market environment are essential knowledge for seasoned industry professionals and those just embarking on their careers.

3. Digital Transformation Trends in the Industry

FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller and Peter Rentschler, CEO of Metafora, delve into the pivotal role of modern integrations and connectivity in our industry. Learn how the leaders in transportation are using technology to break down silos and foster stronger connections with customers and partners.

4. Transforming Complexity

Leveraging Data and AI for Optimal Global Supply Chains: Charles Odom of Halliburton guides us through global logistics, demonstrating how Halliburton is harnessing data analytics and AI to revolutionize its operations, enhance efficiency, and drive industry innovation.

5. Navigating the Current Freight Market

Join Bart de Muynck of Project44 and Craig Fuller from FreightWaves as they discuss the volatile nature of freight markets and the importance of real-time data. Learn how the industry's top organizations are becoming more responsive and resilient in the face of change.

These sessions offer practical, actionable strategies to keep pace with the rapidly evolving landscape shaped by digital transformation. With a keen emphasis on data, technology, and the digital shift, we are confident that you will depart equipped with vital knowledge to propel your organization forward.

However, this event extends beyond being a mere learning opportunity. It's an opportunity to network with industry experts, seek solutions to your pain points, and draw inspiration from shared success stories. 

Join us at booth C314 where the Denim team is ready to discuss freight technology stacks, digital payments, flexible factoring to SmartBroker, and more.

At our booth, you can expect:

  • Demonstrations of our latest features, such as 1-click document collection and early invoicing. Experience our practical solutions firsthand.
  • An opportunity to meet our long-time client, Shay Lynn-Dixon, from SCALE Logistics. Hear their successful journey directly from them.
  • A friendly game of Putterball. Come and give it your best shot!

We look forward to meeting you, and Go Browns!

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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