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You asked and we delivered! We are beyond excited to announce the new Denim Business Performance Dashboard that boasts features tailored to our client’s requests. 

Let’s look at some of the most exciting features of the new dashboard.

A chart showing jobs over time

First, we have the “Jobs Over Time” chart. Depending on the type of user you are, this chart displays your receivables and payables and can tell you your profits and fees. This will show how your business is progressing through different timeframes. Want more detailed data? You can view a snapshot in time for each data point while also viewing the overall aggregate data. 

While your account has tabs for each of your business needs, this dashboard provides frequently used quick links to other account tabs such as “Jobs” and “Request Center”.

The new Business Performance Dashboard lets you know if there are invoices approaching 90 days and gives you a heads up so you can be proactive before they go into chargeback status.

A chart of payments over time.

The summary of balances track your payments, contractor payables, and customer receivables. Need to make a payment? Don’t worry, your current amount of Denim Cash is displayed to the right.

6 Bar Graph with Factoring Numbers

The “Average Days Sales Outstanding” chart or “DSO” chart indicates how quickly you are closing out your invoices.

A bar graph showing Average Days Sales Outstanding

Here, we have the “Total Factored Amount” chart. As we listened to our clients, we found how important it was to show the factored amount over the lifetime of the account with Denim. Shown as a monthly trend, this helps you understand which months were higher vs. lower factoring time periods. 

The Total Factored Amount chart displaying fastest and slowest paying customers

The dashboard also shows your fastest paying customers and slowest paying customers. This helps you decide which shippers are worth doing continued business with by counting their number of loads. This also helps you decide which shippers you shouldn’t be prioritizing as they may be unresponsive or have to be tracked down for payment. 

Most Frequently Used Carriers and Most Profitable Customers charts

“Most Frequently Used Carriers” is ranked by the number of jobs during a particular time period and “Most Profitable Customers” shows who you want to seek out to do more business with as they have the best margins. 

Now that we have gone over all these shiny new features, which were the most requested and most important to our clients? Spoiler alert: nearly all the new features were requested from customers!

The DSO chart was most requested by our clients, along with the detailed chart displaying the business growth over time. The total amount factored month to date and year to date, along with improved metrics on both carriers and customers, were also highly requested. 

Our new Business Performance Dashboard speeds up the process of making requests, providing more visibility into top carriers and customers, total factored amounts, and overall business health projections. We hope you are just as excited to experience this dashboard as we are for you to reap the benefits of these new insights.

Want to see for yourself how our new dashboard works? Schedule a demo today!

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting

Denim blue gradients
People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting
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