"Upload Jobs in 10 Minutes, Not 5 hours": SCALE Logistics Shares Why They Love Denim

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We have always had a special and meaningful relationship with Shay Lynn Dixon, CEO and co-owner of SCALE Logistics, a premier 3PL based in Atlanta. In fact, SCALE Logistics was one of our earliest customers and has watched Denim grow from 5 employees to 70+. 

But what was the catalyst that sparked this amazing relationship, and why does Shay continue to recommend Denim to freight brokers who are looking for a factoring company? Let’s look at her success and why she continues to be a brand advocate for Denim. 

Shay Lynn Dixon, CEO of SCALE Logistics freight brokerage
SCALE Logistics Co-Founder and CEO Shay Lynn Dixon

About SCALE Logistics

It may come as a surprise to those of us that have seen SCALE Logistics’ success, but Shay didn’t plan a career or education path in supply chain logistics, and no one she knew was in the industry. 

After high school, Shay had an opportunity to work for a small, family-owned manufacturer, which she attributes for much of her hands-on training. She had a chance to later work at a cold chain brokerage and fell in love with the work and what she was doing. She went on to manage millions of dollars of freight and after having success at a different brokerage, decided to go off on her own and start SCALE Logistics. 

SCALE Logistics is a unique freight brokerage because they focus on high-value and specialty freight, including aerospace and avionics. Part of this niche happened by chance, but part of it is due to the fact that Shay loves airplanes. She even had a miniature airplane model on her desk during her conversation with Denim!

How Denim Helped the Freight Brokerage Grow

There’s no denying that Shay and her team have seen tremendous growth and we have been so happy to help with that growth. 

Shay initially came to Denim as she was researching over 30 different factoring companies and doing her due diligence to find one that fit with her needs. She wanted a deeper relationship with her factoring partner and was looking for someone to help her brokerage stand apart. She quickly found out that not all factoring companies were created equal. 

She ultimately decided to partner with Denim because our platform was easy to use and she knew that the “old-school” way of factoring wouldn’t work for her as a tech-savvy business owner. She was also happy to support Denim because we were a start-up company and so was SCALE Logistics so she appreciated the innovative way we are approaching the industry.

It didn’t take long for our work together to get off the ground. She signed up for Denim on a Thursday, got her first customer on a Monday, and got her first load the Thursday of that week. She was so excited and even though it was only her first load, Denim “treated her like a $1 million business.”

Fast forward a few years and SCALE Logistics has grown a ton since then, but Shay still relies on Denim for her operations and payments. Here are some highlights of our time working together:

  • SCALE Logistics has never lost a carrier. Part of this is being able to pay their carriers quickly and reliably. The “biggest impact that Denim has had on [her] business” is the fact that she is able to have 4,000 trusted carriers in her network. With such specialty freight, Shay needs to know that her carriers are going to get the job done right.
  • Shay has carriers tell her all the time that our platform helps them build trust with the brokerage because she doesn’t have to ask for or store all of their bank info. They simply have to log into Denim and put their information in.
  • Underwriting helped her take the risk out of her business by credit checking her customers. She said “it’s like having your own CFO.”
  • Shay used our bulk job upload feature and what usually took her five hours (based on her average number of loads) now takes her 10 minutes.
  • She went two years without having to hire a bookkeeper because of Denim, resulting in less overhead for her brokerage.

A True Partner in Denim

It has been amazing watching Shay and the SCALE Logistics team grow and we’re honored to have been part of that journey. If you want to see how Denim can help you scale your brokerage, schedule a demo. We’d love to show you how we can help support your payment processes and back-office operations. 

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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