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Our SmartPartner series highlights like-minded partners innovating for a more connected and transparent supply chain. This month we are thrilled to spotlight Turvo!

To bring you an inside look into our partnership and the innovative solutions that Turvo offers, we connected with Jeff Graan, Vice President of Product Management and Innovation at Turvo. Jeff's extensive experience and successful track record in the logistics industry have been crucial in guiding Turvo's highly-regarded platform.

Jeff Graan, VP of Product Management at Turvo

Before joining Turvo, Graan held senior leadership positions at MercuryGate and BluJay Solutions. He also led supply chain activities for world-renowned Fortune 500 companies, including Whirlpool and General Motors, while serving in prominent roles at Schneider National and Penske Logistics. His vast industry knowledge and pioneering vision shape Turvo's journey to reinvent the supply chain industry. 

Here's what he had to share about Turvo, the Denim integration, and his advice for freight brokers in today's market.

Q: What does Turvo offer today? 

A: Since 2014, Turvo has been pioneering and developing a collaborative approach for the supply chain network. We aim to disrupt the industry with intuitive technologies that enhance end-to-end logistics communication and build efficiencies for our customers in the supply chain, one of the world's most vast and critical industries.

Turvo offers the leading modern TMS solution for the supply chain industry. Our TMS runs on our unique Collaboration Cloud, which leverages the latest SaaS cloud technology. This sets Turvo apart from other logistics software options in the market. Our platform unifies supply chains, enabling real-time interactions and problem-solving. With Turvo, users can identify and address issues as they happen, ensuring smooth operations.

Turvo TMS and Collaboration Cloud

Our platform caters to the specific needs of brokers and 3PLs, empowering them to manage their entire freight business seamlessly, including:  

  • Automate processes
  • Set alerts
  • Manage exceptions
  • Interact directly with drivers, carriers, and customers 
  • Provide 100% shared shipment visibility, giving customers real-time information and eliminating the need for constant check calls

Turvo offers a comprehensive solution that optimizes supply chain management, enhances collaboration, and provides unparalleled visibility. With Turvo TMS and our Collaboration Cloud, we empower businesses to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and deliver superior customer service.

Q: Why do freight professionals choose Turvo?

A: Freight Professionals choose Turvo because we offer a modern TMS solution that addresses the evolving needs of the supply chain industry. Our comprehensive communication and analytics solution enables end-to-end management of freight processes.

Here are the key reasons professionals gravitate toward our platform:

  • Modern TMS solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the supply chain industry
  • Comprehensive communication and analytics solution for end-to-end freight process management
  • Enhanced collaboration and visibility capabilities that foster operational efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to support business scalability
  • Trustworthy platform known to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and stimulate growth

But don't just take my word for it. Brittany Traylor, Founder and CEO of TraylorTranspo, shares her experience with Turvo:

"Our mission at TraylorTranspo is to build a fast-growth brokerage that benefits everyone in the supply chain. Whether it's a carrier's market or a shipper's market, our goal is to provide a tech-enabled logistics solution that hedges risks for all parties involved and grants all of our employees and customers higher service levels and better business opportunities. Turvo was the right TMS partner to help us achieve these goals and scale quickly without disrupting the business as we strive to reach the Fortune 500 list."

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Denim? 

A: Turvo has partnered with Denim to provide automated and simplified freight payments and financing for brokers.

Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO of Turvo, mentioned: "The partnership brings a best-of-breed payment platform into our extensive partner and integration ecosystem and gives our broker customers another layer of automation and excellence in their back-office operations. The biggest gain for our customers is the experiences they can pass onto their customers and carrier networks."

By integrating Denim's freight payment solutions into the Turvo platform, users can enjoy a seamless and streamlined experience. This collaboration enhances communication, simplifies payment processes, and improves overall efficiency within the supply chain industry. Ultimately, the Turvo-Denim partnership aims to deliver an enhanced and comprehensive solution that optimizes supply chain management and simplifies freight payment processes for customers.

Q: What advice do you have for freight brokers? 

A: Freight brokers looking to partner with technology providers need to align their choice with their future business objectives. More than just providing operational tools, the right technology partner can invigorate both internal and external teams, setting the stage for competitive advantage. While visibility remains key, real advancement comes from fostering a collaborative environment. Such strategic investments in forward-thinking technologies pave the way for sustainable success.

Empower Your Freight Operations with Denim & Turvo

Are you a Turvo client seeking to enhance your payment infrastructure? Or you're a Denim customer searching for a TMS solution that aligns with your business needs. Regardless, the Turvo-Denim integration provides an all-encompassing, innovative solution capable of transforming your operations and setting you on the path to success.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to discover more about how the Turvo-Denim integration can elevate your brokerage and give you a competitive edge.

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