Distribute carrier payments using your own funds while still getting all of the benefits of the Denim dashboard

Denim Wallet is a carrier payments solution for freight brokers and shippers who want to distribute payments using their own funds. It works seamlessly with our Business Analytics Dashboard, TMS integrations, and QuickBooks integration.

What You Get with Denim Wallet

A light blue icon of a calendar

Seamlessly schedule carrier payments and deposit funds into your Wallet after set up

A light blue icon of a chart with a downward trend

Access to lower cost than traditional factoring

A light blue icon of a personal check

Capital to pay carriers including, 2 Day ACH and QuickPay

A light blue icon of a wallet

Access to funds in as little as one business day

Coming Soon!

A light blue icon of a double ended arrow

Automatic withdrawal of funds based on your carrier payment schedules

Bank building icon in Denim blue

Expanded banking partner support

A light blue icon of an invoice

Instant carrier payments

More About Denim Wallet

With Denim Wallet, clients can now distribute carrier payments using their own capital instead of relying solely on factoring using Denim.

A graphic of an open laptop with a Denim dashboard showing charts and data.

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