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Denim Audit

AI-powered document audit ensures job accuracy.

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Experience faster freight payments and enhanced accuracy with our freight bill audit designed for brokers and fleets.



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How does it work?

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You or your carrier uploads Proof of Delivery, invoice, or rate confirmation to your Denim portal.

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Denim Audit automatically scans the documents for key information including amounts, issuer name, recipient name, carrier name, and origin name.

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Denim Audit compares the information gatheredwith the information you entered for the job andprovides a pass or discrepancy result.

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From the Jobs Board, click on a job to view Job Details and receive the audit results.

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Green check mark indicates a direct matchbetween the document and your job data.

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Yellow exclamation mark indicates we suspectan issue such as a discrepancy or the documentwas unreadable.

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Click the Audit Summary heading to find a detailed list of the audited documents, sorted with any suspected issues first.

Ready to learn more?

Experience the future of document auditing with a live demo. See how our freight bill audit for brokers enhances accuracy, reduces errors, and expedites processes. Discover how you can save time, ensure compliance, and strengthen collaborations. Request a demo today to revolutionize your document management with a freight bill audit process designed for brokers by brokers.

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