Banish These Three Accounts Payable Monsters

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Inefficiencies in Accounts Payable operations can be as elusive and daunting as mythical monsters. Just when you think everything's running smoothly, AP monsters rise, threatening your back-office efficiency.

These silent disruptors lurk behind the scenes, mucking up your process and cash flow. 

If your office is stuck in a productivity lull, you might be suffering from three big AP Monsters that cripple operations: 

  1. ScatterSphinx of Disorganized Documents
  2. Phantom of Past Processes
  3. Manual Audit Medusa

But fear not! Denim’s proprietary freight payment-ectomobile is here to help conquer back-office demons, ghouls, and productivity-sucking beasts from your brokerage in no time.

Held up by outdated procedures? The Phantom of Past Processes has paid you a visit: 

This phantom from a bygone era haunts many a freight office, whispering tales of "how things used to be," and causing present-day systems to revert to slow, manual operations. These arduous, outdated processes can set back even the best office.

"Ask the driver to fax the BOL. That's how it used to be done." - Phantom of Past Processes

Your brokerage might be possessed by this process-loving phantom if you hear things like “I’ve always done it that way”, or “I prefer doing it manually” when trying to improve your freight billing systems with new software or automation.

Take heed for there is a solution dear reader, and your brokerage needn’t be held back by these ghosts. Denim’s Freight Payment System removes all need for manual input on tasks such as sending payments, duplicate data entry, or updating carriers on payment status.

With the Denim back office, you can reduce manual time spent on previously burdensome tasks by 75%, all while improving the accuracy and timeliness of payments and document collection.

Begone, dark phantom! You have no hold here!

Riddle of the ScatterSphinx: Who drowns daily in a deluge of disorganized documents?! 

If your office seems like it’s constantly struggling with collecting, organizing, and assigning the correct documents for shipments, you might be a victim of the ScaterSphinx. 

"I'm not a note or a fee, but I ensure cargo's where it should be. What am I?" - ScatterSphinx

The ScatterSphinx reigns over the Paper Labyrinth of cluttered filing cabinets, poorly categorized email threads, and misplaced or misfiled documents throughout the back office. This beast rears its ugly head far too often in the world of accounts payable, when rate confirmations are often approved in email threads and documents sent by text message. 

If it seems like every time you’re looking for a rate confirmation or proof of delivery you have to run through a labyrinth of paper or answer riddles in your search bar to find what you’re looking for, it might be time for a change.

Luckily, that’s exactly where Denim’s Document Inbox and Collection excels. You’ll be able to almost instantly streamline document collection and management using Denim’s inbox to request and receive contractor documents in a single centralized location. This keeps you out of the endless labyrinth of email threads and folder trees that bog down your processes. 

Denim’s back-office document management system completely eliminates the need for long email chains and follow-up calls. You’ll also be able to quickly and easily onboard carriers with a password-free and app-free document upload portal, and eliminate redundant data entry with automated document attachments.

ScatterSphinx, consider yourself vanquished!

Are manual audits paralyzing your team? You’ve been struck by the Manual Audit Medusa:

Manually reviewing carrier invoices against rate confirmations is a cumbersome, inefficient, and error-prone process. Audits like these often leave Accounts Payable checking and double-checking every detail, forcing even the best operations to move at a snail’s pace.

"Dare to audit my snaky mane, but know that numbers aren't the only thing you'll strain." - Manual Audit Medusa

If the task of manually reviewing freight invoice audits is turning your team to stone, then the Manual Audit Medusa is likely the culprit. Her mane, a daunting entanglement of freight invoices and writhing snakes, ensnares employees who dare to dive deep into it to match invoices to rate confirmations. Those brave enough to venture become paralyzed, overwhelmed by the staggering complexity of the audit tasks they face.

Behold however the Perseus of audits, Denim Audit. This AI-powered document auditing system ensures job accuracy, identifies even the smallest of discrepancies, and streamlines document management in one easy-to-use system.

Documents like proof of delivery, carrier invoices, and rate confirmations are scanned and uploaded within seconds, flagging inconsistencies and matching fields between invoices and rate confirmations automatically. 

It’s time to say goodbye to manual double-checking between your documentation and job details. Cut down on human error with AI-powered automatic document auditing, and get paid faster by submitting jobs correctly the first time. 

With Denim Audit, you can consider your Manual Audit Medusa officially quashed!

Are you ready to streamline your operation and finally be rid of these meddling monsters that limit the potential and productivity of your office? Speak with one of our demon-slaying experts here to find out more about how Denim can help automate, streamline, and systemize your back-office in no time.

Thus these three monsters of AP have been banished, never to plague your office again!

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