How 3 Freight Brokerages Avoided Back-Office Hires with Factoring Integrations

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When running a successful brokerage, the last thing you want is for your staff to stop selling and get bogged down in paperwork. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for most brokerages, especially those with small teams wearing many hats.

Without the right tools, staff members often spend countless hours handling documents instead of focusing on growth-driving activities. This leads to key team members spending hours downloading and re-uploading thousands of documents daily when they could spend their time elsewhere. 

The following case studies demonstrate how Denim customers use our payments platform to automate their back-office, scale their brokerage, and save hours spent processing payments.

How Peregrine Scaled Their Brokerage to $15 Million Without Additional Headcount

Peregrine is a lean and quickly growing brokerage focused on providing reliable services to shippers while maintaining strong, healthy, and respectful relationships with their carriers.

Peregrine’s Challenges:

Peregrine runs a tight ship with just 8 staff and knew they couldn’t have their valuable team members stuck processing paperwork. 

Before working with a factoring company, documents were manually downloaded and reviewed for invoice creation and payments to carriers. This tedious and error-prone process had just one person to process over 1,200 invoices every month.

Peregrine also ran into a cash crunch every month in an attempt to pay carriers quickly, eating into their cash reserves while waiting for customers to pay their invoices.

Denim’s Solution:

Peregrine decided that manual invoicing and payments were taking far too much of their small team’s time, and decided to seek a solution through Denim. By leveraging Denim’s automated invoicing tools, TMS integrations, and factoring services, Peregrine improved invoice processing time by 3x, reduced human errors, and improved their cash flow.

Denim worked with Peregrine to create an automated workflow that seamlessly transfers jobs from their TMS automatically. These efficiency gains allowed Peregrine to scale up to $12-15 million without adding additional back-office staff, all while keeping both carriers and customers happier than ever.

How Yeti Logistics Used Integrations to Cut Expenses and Reduce Invoice Processing Time By 75%

Yeti Logistics, like many brokers in a post-COVID world, was forced to operate on tighter margins in recent years. Despite these economic challenges, they were determined to grow and scale their company. 

Yeti Logistics’ Challenges: 

The team at Yeti Logistics had the right idea - they had implemented technology solutions into their business to speed up their operation and reduce costs. Unfortunately, the freight tech solutions they were using were all siloed systems, without any interconnectivity.

This lack of communication between software systems left Yeti’s team scrambling every day to enter shipment data manually into multiple systems, spreadsheets, and platforms. 

“I would have to download the carrier documents from my TMS, transcribe them into an Excel spreadsheet, upload it to Triumph's dashboard, and then complete the process with exception management." - James Dockery, Yeti Logistics

With this painstaking manual process in place, it seemed almost impossible to scale their business without adding more staff, which would cut further into already shrinking margins.

How Yeti Logistics Cut Costs and Improved Efficiency:

Like most brokers, Yeti used their TMS as their central hub for everything in their brokerage. Their current inefficiencies came through a lack of integration between their TMS and outdated factoring platform - causing redundant manual entry for every load.

When Yeti switched to Denim, we quickly established an integration with their EKA TMS, cutting redundant data entry by 75% almost overnight. This new automated workflow reduced invoice processing time and nearly eliminated the need to switch between platforms.

With Denim’s flexible factoring solutions, Yeti Logistics also cut their factoring costs by 18%, saving them tens of thousands every year. 

How Alliance Logistix Increased Volume by 35% While Improving Carrier and Customer Relationships

Alliance Logistix is a rapidly growing brokerage and faces the many challenges that it brings. They were swamped under a constant barrage of new paperwork, and knew there had to be a better way.

Alliance’s Challenges:

Before implementing a tech-forward factoring platform, the Alliance Logistix team was spending upwards of 266 hours every month on AP. They were struggling to keep carriers happy because this extra processing time meant payments were slowing down and eating into cash reserves.

"Ensuring my team gets their paycheck is crucial, but it is equally, if not more, vital for the drivers to receive their payment swiftly." -Natalie Schick, Alliance Logistix. 

A lack of efficient payment procedures threatened their hard-earned standing among their carriers.

How Denim Streamlined Freight Paperwork and Improved Cash Flow:

With flexible factoring to manage their high load volume, seamless integration with their TMS, and new tools like carrier QuickPay, Denim’s freight payment platform gave Alliance Logistix everything they needed.

Staff went from spending 8 minutes per invoice down to just 3 minutes, cutting invoice processing time by 62%. This time savings alone allowed Alliance to reassign staff from accounting to dispatch, resulting in a 35% month-over-month increase in load volumes.

Flexible factoring services allowed Alliance to retain clients who were eating into their cash flow with extended 90-day terms. New QuickPay solutions also dramatically cut carrier calls about payments from 5+ per day down to as little as 2 calls per quarter!

These new processes gave Alliance Logistix the tools they needed to grow their business and improve customer and carrier relationships, all without adding additional staff.


Freight software and technology should enable your brokerage to grow, not bog down your operation. That’s why we emphasize seamless integrations between Denim’s world-class tech-forward freight factoring platform and the systems you’re already using.

With results like these, Denim customers have seen gains in efficiency, cut invoice processing time, reduced redundant data entry, cut costs by 18% or more, and helped brokerages like yours scale to new heights without adding additional head count.

Want to learn more about how you can be Denim’s next success story? Click here to speak with our team and get started today.

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