2023 SmartBroker of the Year Award Winner: Natalie Schick of Alliance Logistix

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SmartBroker of the Year Award Recipient

We are thrilled to announce Natalie Schick, Co-Founder and President of Alliance Logistix, as the winner of the 2023 SmartBroker of the Year award. This accolade celebrates freight brokers exemplifying the SmartBroker ethos of relentless improvement and growth over the past year.

A SmartBroker represents the vanguard of modern freight brokerages, employing cutting-edge logistics technology and innovative business practices. They are logistics mavens, utilizing technology to achieve operational excellence and forge strong relationships with their shippers and carriers. Above all, SmartBrokers are agents of change, embracing and driving the industry's transformation.

"Natalie's work at Alliance Logistix sets a new benchmark for today's freight brokers, and she is undoubtedly the most fitting choice for this award," said Bharath Krishnamoorthy, CEO and co-founder of Denim. "Natalie has led her team to remarkable growth and efficiency gains. Her efforts in streamlining operations and increasing volume while maintaining exceptional service standards are why we are excited to honor her with this award."

Alliance Logistix, under Natalie's leadership, stands out for prioritizing long-term relationships with customers and carriers, maintaining an impressive average relationship duration of eight years or more. This focus on relationship-building enables carriers to make informed business decisions, enhancing their fleets and operations while fostering strong broker-carrier relationships. Alliance Logistix is also noted for its strategic partnerships with tech industry leaders, resulting in a diverse and effective technology stack. This approach has earned them one of the industry's highest load counts per capita.

Natalie's response to the accolade was one of gratitude and vision: "Receiving the 2023 SmartBroker of the Year Award from Denim is a great honor. At Alliance Logistix, we believe in pushing boundaries to provide the most efficient and high-quality service. Our partnership with Denim has been instrumental in our growth, allowing us to focus on innovation and excellence in customer service."

This year's award is particularly noteworthy as Denim received triple the number of nominations compared to the previous year, reflecting the increasing recognition of the SmartBroker in the logistics industry.

The finalists for this year's award were:

Congrats to all the winners!

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