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Reiss Bright founded Running Ox Logistics, a startup logistics freight brokerage, in 2021 and within the first two months of business, drove over $1 million in revenue. After seven months of growing his freight brokerage, he has now driven almost $4 million in revenue. This growth is admirable in any market, but especially in the freight broker industry amidst rising interest rates, truck shortages, and increasing competition.

About Running Ox Logistics

Running Ox
is dedicated to getting their shippers’ goods where they need to go in the easiest, safest, most efficient and economical way possible. They are a nationwide, multimodal logistics company that serves businesses of all sizes, using industry-leading technology to match shippers’ needs with the right carrier partner.

Their customer service capabilities, coupled with Denim's Quick Pay technology, sets them apart from their competition. The ease of quick paying their partners has helped to further drive carrier relationships with the features they use at Denim.

The Partnership Between Running Ox Logistics and Denim

When Running Ox began factoring, they had another company in mind. However, when they found out their TMS, EZ Loader, was already integrated with Denim, it was an easy call to make. They wanted to keep their partners under the same umbrella and the integration between EZ Loader and Denim made this a breeze. 

In addition to the seamless TMS integration, they use QuickPay to further their carrier relationships. As a customer and carrier-centered freight brokerage, they strive to build strong and lasting relationships with their partners in order to deliver the best service possible. 

Reiss’ favorite Denim feature, QuickPay, enables them to further cement their carrier relationships by providing fast and reliable payments to them. Without Denim’s QuickPay feature, they risk not being able to “facilitate freight pay and bill audit at an efficient rate.”

Running Ox Logistics prides itself on its vast carrier network, speed-to-market efficiencies, and unmatched commitment to service. By taking advantage of Denim’s broker-specific features, Reiss and his company are able to do just that.

Reiss sees Running Ox growing to an office of 20 employees over the next few years with a handful of employees handling collections and ensuring their carriers are paid timely. His goal is to create a true brokerage logistics hub, and the team at Denim can’t wait to be part of his journey.

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