Connect your logistics, money, and data.

Denim Payments

Scale accounts payable processes through an easy-to-use platform. Experience streamlined carrier onboarding and document collection features.

How it works?

Step 1

Select your funding source

Choose how you'll be paying, factoring or non-factored. You have the flexibility.

Step 2

Add your contractor

Tell us who you want to pay and when. We take care of the rest.

Step 3

Add a job in minutes

Make payments directly in the Denim platform, or integrate your TMS to save even more time.

Step 4

Money gets sent

Denim automatically disperses funds on your selected date. We provide flexible options for payments and the ability to pass on charges for quickpay.

Freight payments the way you want.

Why our customers chose Denim?

Green quotation marks
Helped our company grow tremendously.

Denim has helped our company grow tremendously over the last couple of years. A strategic partner that changed the trajectory of our business.

Shay Lynn Dixon

Founder and CEO at SCALE Logistics
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