Connect your logistics, money, and data.

Denim for Teams

Invite team members to collaborate on your teams with customizable roles and permissions.

How does it work?

Account owners can generate employee logins in the Team Management tab.

Create a custom role for the new user in the Role Management tab.

Three high-level access levels are available: full, custom, and none.

Apply the most suitable access level to each permission category: Jobs, Transactions, Customers, Contractors, Business Dashboard, Reporting, Request Center, and Quickbooks.

Customize roles by tasks under each category such as ability to “increase credit limit” or “submit for funding”.

Restrict visibility to a user’s jobs by selecting “my jobs”.

Name and save the custom role settings. Assign them to multiple users.

Ready to learn more?

Unlock the power of efficient team management. Request a demo today and see firsthand how our platform simplifies roles, permissions, and collaboration, enhancing your team's productivity and fostering seamless coordination.

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