2023 SmartBroker of the Year: Celebrating Excellence in Freight

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Every market challenge is an invitation to innovate and redefine success.

Change-makers in the logistics world often defy the odds and break the mold. The SmartBroker of the Year Award stands as a testament to this spirit.

What is a SmartBroker?

Dale Prax, 2022 SmartBroker of the Year

The SmartBroker emerges as the next generation of freight brokers in today's evolving logistics landscape. Unlike traditional counterparts, a SmartBroker seamlessly merges the art of relationship-building with the power of cutting-edge technology.

At its essence, a SmartBroker is characterized by:

  • A growth mindset
  • Commitment to operational excellence
  • An emphasis on forging deep, meaningful relationships
  • Leveraging advanced technology

While technology plays a pivotal role in their operations, their dedication to building lasting partnerships with shippers and carriers sets them apart. In a world where the balance between human interaction and digital proficiency is crucial, SmartBrokers redefines the future of freight brokering by offering an unmatched blend of technological innovation and human-centric operations.

Take, for instance, our 2022 award recipient, Dale Prax, the founder of Direct Expedite. With 30 years of industry experience, Dale brought innovation to ground-expedited transportation, hitting a remarkable milestone with their Automated Freight Quoting System. Today, Dale is developing technology and communities to fight double brokers with FreightValidate.com

Nominate a Deserving SmartBroker or Yourself!

Nominations for the 2023 SmartBroker of the Year award are open. Whether you know a freight broker who fits the bill or believe you've got what it takes, we invite you to participate. Everyone is eligible to nominate—no need to be a Denim customer. 

Here's what the selection process looks like:

  • Nominate: Submit your nominations using our three-question form. Detail why you believe the nominee should be the SmartBroker of the Year. 
  • Deadline: Nominations will close on December 31st  
  • Evaluation: A select panel at Denim will thoroughly assess each nomination. 
  • Announcement: Keep an eye out! The winner will be announced in January 2024.

The Smart Broker of the Year winner will receive a slick trophy, press release, and social media recognition. 

Celebrating excellence in logistics propels the industry forward. Take advantage of this chance to highlight the distinction. Whether nominating an industry peer, a mentor, or yourself, be part of this esteemed recognition. Dive in and nominate now!

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