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Denim is proud to announce our partnership with Cargo Chief, a capacity procurement software that enables 3PLs to increase coverage, gain real-time market rates, and automate redundant tasks. This partnership is an essential step in the direction of creating powerful tech stacks for freight brokers and the shippers and carriers they work with. 

Cargo Chief’s C4 Procurement platform solves some of the industry’s biggest issues when it comes to sporadic capacity, volatility of market rates, and data fragmentation.

With C4, freight brokers can:

  • Instantly expand their lane coverage and grow a dedicated carrier network to increase carrier retention
  • Be proactive when the market shifts with insights to a true prediction of current rates without delays for up-to-the-minute accuracy
  • Automate carrier outreach and increase response times for more quality options
  • Build stronger relationships with carriers for quicker negotiations and prebook more freight

Check out a full demo of Cargo Chief here.

These capabilities work well with Denim because Denim is a financial enablement platform built for brokers of all sizes. We offer end-to-end automation to help freight brokers save time on broker operations, including invoicing, collections, and payments. Whether you factor with Denim or not, we have a powerful platform with TMS integrations and accounting integrations to modernize the freight broker tech stack.

“Cargo Chief is excited to be partnered with Denim, as both companies are well aligned to service savvy mid-size brokerages to enable them with technology to have an advantage in the marketplace." says Russell Jones, CEO of Cargo Chief.

“We are excited to partner with CargoChief. They will be joining Denim’s growing network of leading technology and referral partners. Together, we aim to help freight brokers digitize and build a better tech stack to support their business. We believe technology is a key component to success in today's logistics industry!” says Greg Cambeis, Partnership Manager at Denim.

Together, Denim and Cargo Chief will be able to serve freight brokers more comprehensively. To learn more about Cargo Chief’s platform, check out their website here. To learn more about how Denim can help you grow your freight brokerage and maximize your working capital, contact us today.

Shipper Risk Evaluation Checklist

Shipper Risk Evaluation Checklist

Use this complete checklist to shippers to gather crucial credit information to evaluate the risk of a new or existing client.

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