Denim Head of Engineering Talks Professional Development with Hatchpad

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Professional Development as an Engineering Leader

In this interview, Denim's Head of Engineering Greg Mundy sits down with Tim Winkler on his podcast, Hatchpad Insights. Read the highlights from Greg's interview here and watch the full video below!

How Did You Grow as an Engineering Leader?

Greg is currently the Head of Engineering here at Denim, but for a long time he spent his career as a lead engineer where he could put his career on a sort of "autopilot." He did this by being good at what he did and understanding the key metrics he needed to continue to advance in his role. But when he took an engineering leadership role, a lot of this changed. He was more responsible for making strategic decisions for his department and the company as a whole and this uncharted territory was new to him. This new role prompted Greg to hire a leadership coach, which he says is the best investment he has made in himself. This leadership coach helped him determine what his "superpowers" were and how he could best leverage those superpowers for himself and his organization.

How Do You Find a Career Coach?

Greg is really happy that he took the initiative to ask for help and he encourages others in the engineering field (and any other field) to do the same if they feel stuck as a leader. He simply posted on LinkedIn that he was looking for a career coach and that's how he found his.

What Type of Career Coach Should Engineers Seek Out?

When Greg went to work finding a career coach, he deliberately looked for a coach that was more generalized, not a specific engineering leadership coach. The reason he did this is that he wanted to look at his career in a holistic way, not just through the lens of engineering. Through this, he unlocked more insight about himself as a person. Personal development is very important to Greg and he believes that being a good leader isn't just about what you can do on your own, but also how you can impact your team.

Watch the full interview here!

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