Shawn Vo Explains the Importance of Digitizing Your Freight Brokerage Back Office

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In a recent article with Transport Topics, Shawn joins other industry leaders to share his thoughts on how the pandemic accelerated change for shippers, brokers, and carriers.

The article, How the Pandemic Accelerated Change for Motor Carriers discusses the rising interest in automation, the importance of automation warehouses and digitizing your back office, and how supply chains are adjusting for e-commerce growth. It also talks about all of the supply chain disruptions we have faced as a result of COVID-19 and how remote work is changing the way we work, shop, and approach the logistics industry.

In discussing the permanence of remote work and the importance in digitizing where possible, Shawn Vo shares the following:

"The increasing comfort with remote work and less face-to-face contact also is pushing the digitization of back-office operations. You are moving to a virtual workplace. Digital workflows are being built to replace paperwork like sending invoices and signing proofs of delivery.”

And we take virtual workplaces seriously! As a remote-first workplace, Denim has perfected the "working from home" mentality. In fact, we were voted one of the Top 100 Remote-First Companies to Work For by Built In! A lot of that success is due to our digital tools. We have found ways to replicate the same culture that many in-office jobs strive for, only digitally.

For brokers, automating your back office operations as much as possible will help you free up valuable time to grow your business. Check out our plans for freight brokers to learn more about how to automate your collections, accounting, accounts payable, and more.

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