Quote Factory and Denim Announce New Supply Chain Integration

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Denim, a trusted freight payment system for freight brokers, today announced its partnership and integration with Quote Factory, a leading transportation management system (TMS) for the next generation of brokers to grow and disrupt the freight industry.

The single-click integration enables logistics businesses to process payments and access financing directly from their Quote Factory dashboard, reducing the time spent on redundant data entry in half. 

“Quote Factory’s integration with Denim is remarkably intuitive, slashing the factoring process by fifty percent and rescuing us from hours of daily/weekly drudgery!  What was once a somewhat laborious task has transformed into a swifter, simpler, and impeccably organized procedure.  The integration’s seamlessness, coupled with its fail-safe mechanisms, ensures that no crucial details slip through the cracks, rendering the entire factoring process smoother. In today’s fast-paced landscape, every snippet of regained time holds immense value, particularly within the business realm.  Thanks to the partnership between Quote Factory and Denim in launching this integration, we’ve gained the capacity to channel our focus towards other facets of our business.” – Jy Maze, President & CEO – Maze Freight

Additionally, Cameron McClure, President of MAC Freight Company, remarked, “Quote Factory's easy-to-use integration with Denim has saved me several hours a month and streamlined my back-office operations. As a result, I'm able to re-allocate the time into building new business and reinforcing our great customer relationships!”

Quote Factory and Denim aim to enhance the supply chain with this collaboration. Benefits of this integration for clients include:

  • Direct transmission of essential documents—billing details, rate confirmations, or other necessary documentation—to Denim via an advanced API.
  • Reduced manual data entry, increasing billing accuracy.
  • Streamlined payments and invoicing process for brokers, shippers, and carriers.

"As logistics platforms evolve, the emphasis on intuitive user experience grows. Quote Factory’s clean and easy-to-use platform is one of the many reasons we are thrilled to partner," shared Sean Smith, VP of Product at Denim. "Combining Denim's robust payment functionalities with Quote Factory's easy-to-use interface, we're elevating the overall user experience and saving our clients significant time."

“We’re proud to partner with Denim. At Quote Factory, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency. This collaboration boosts our platform’s user experience, streamlining logistics for our clients,” said Brandon Dean, Chief Revenue Officer of Quote Factory.

For more details, visit Denim.com or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting
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