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On a few episode of The Logistics of Logistics podcast, our CTO Shawn Vo sits down with Joe Lynch to discuss Denim's story, as well as how Denim helps freight brokers.

Listen to the podcast on The Logistics of Logistics website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

The Highlights

This was a really great interview because not only did Shawn talk about Denim, but he also shared some of his background, including his time before starting the company.

For those who don't know, Shawn's family came to the US as Vietnamese refugees. They didn't have any higher education and didn't speak English, but they worked hard and were able to accomplish what many people consider the classic American Dream. His mom owned a business and his uncle also owned a grocery store, where he used to work when he was younger.

After graduating college and studying finance, economics, and entrepreneurship, Shawn spent some time in the finance world but realized that wearing a suit and tie every day wasn't for him. He missed the creativity and "nerdiness" of coding and creating things, so he moved into more of the startup world.

After spending time at two financial tech companies, he connected with B, who at the time was working as a lawyer in New York, to see if there was an opportunity to work together. Lo and behold, Denim was born! Listen to the podcast for more about Shawn's journey and how it led to where he is at Denim today.

Denim's carrier payments platform allows brokers to attract and retain the best carriers by offering access to working capital and quick pay. Our suite of integrations also helps streamline freight brokers' back office operations, including accounting and collections.

Contact us to learn more and get detailed pricing.

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting

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People looking at a projected computer screen in a board room meeting
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