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Denim CTO and co-founder Shawn Vo sat down with Neil C. Hughes of The Tech Talks Daily Podcast to explain how tech is impacting the freight industry and what the company is doing to help make the overall supply chain more efficient. 

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At the beginning of the podcast, Neil talks about some of Denim’s recent success, including our 850% volume growth and our recent $126 million Series B funding. They then jump into the future of digital integrations and how Denim is playing an important role in developing those tools.

Here are some highlights from the informative interview!

A Bit About Shawn

Shawn briefly describes how he got started in the industry and admits that he was (and still is) a huge nerd, which is how he got started in the engineering space. He built his first computer using parts he found on eBay when he was 7 years old, was building websites when he was 12, and he continues to work on passion projects when not working on his Denim projects. He still loves to be hands-on with the code and our platform. 

The Denim Platform Today

Denim has come a long way since its early days and today, we help freight brokers and the shippers and carriers they work with send money and data more easily. In the consumer space, there are countless ways to send money, from PayPal to Venmo to Zelle, but the logistics industry is lacking a solution like this. This goal is what motivates Shawn and the Engineering team to keep creating products to make freight brokers’ lives easier. 

If we can find a way to move data and money more efficiently, we can help make the whole supply chain smoother which will result in less expensive goods and time savings throughout the whole supply chain. Shawn is passionate about “better digital transformation initiatives for freight brokers.”

What’s Next for Financial Enablement Platforms for Freight Brokers

One of the best (and most challenging) aspects of building a platform like Denim is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for freight brokers. In the interview, Shawn addresses this by talking about our open API system and how we are always adapting our product to fit our audience’s needs. Our revenue is directly linked to our clients’ success, which is why it’s important to invest so much time into our product. When our clients grow, we grow!

Neil asked Shawn what’s next for Denim and Shawn explained that we are going to continue to grow, help make the supply chain more resilient, and connect more data systems through our flexible platform. There is so much low-hanging fruit in the space and Shawn wakes up every morning thinking about how we can solve more problems for our clients. His goal is to eliminate the paper check altogether and continue to focus on our customers’ pain points so we can solve them. 

Neil and Shawn close the interview by talking about something that has inspired them recently and Shawn shared one of his favorite books of the year, The Gap and The Gain: The High Achievers' Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success by Dan Sullivan. He says that the book has helped steer him away from his perfectionism and focus instead on what’s going right (the gains) versus what could be improved (the gaps). 

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