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Partner with Denim

The Denim Referral Partner Program is our channel for connecting complementary service providers and vendors to the Denim client base.

We aim to develop mutually-beneficial agreements with our partners that provide clients a trusted referral and open up another avenue of business development. The Denim Partner Program provides our clients with all the solutions and integrations they need to start, grow, and scale their businesses. Our goal is to align ourselves with the best partners in the freight industry and support the entire lifecycle of operating a business within this highly-competitive market.

Benefits of Joining the Denim Referral Program

Partners receive a competitive referral fee rate of the gross factoring fees earned from the client after the client has been approved by Denim.

Partners enjoy a mutually-beneficial relationship when we refer clients directly to them.

Partners deliver more value for their clients by providing access to a service ecosystem that encourages loyalty.

In joining our priority list of referrals, partners receive preferential recommendations from the Denim team. Clients find the best service partners and referrals grow their customer base.

Why Partner with Denim?

When you create a referral relationship with Denim, you are latching on to one of the fastest-growing SaaS-based factoring companies in the freight industry. On average, our partners expand their business 3X by making the decision to work with us.

As our market penetration continues to expand, so too does the ability for us to identify and present referrals back to our partners for other services and technology that we can’t provide directly.

Get Started with Denim Integrations

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