Denim does not have a banking relationship with SVB, we have full access to our operating capital, and we are processing daily payments. For further details please log into your client account.

What is the Denim Partner Program?

The Denim Partner Program provides our clients with all the solutions and integrations they need to start, grow, and scale their businesses. We connect valuable technology services into a cohesive ecosystem. Our goal is to align ourselves with the best partners in the freight industry and support the entire lifecycle of operating a business within this highly competitive market.

Benefits for Our Technology Partners

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Partners gain access to additional avenues of revenue via Denim's network of tech-minded audiences.
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Partners enjoy a mutually-beneficial relationship when we refer clients directly to them.
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Partners operate more efficiently - from shortening the vendor and tech evaluation processes to eliminating data discrepancies between platforms with seamless end-to-end integrations.

When you partner with Denim, you join a technology ecosystem of other entities that are purpose-built to integrate together. This leads to greater platform adoption and reduces churn for TMS, ELD, 3PL or any other logistics service software provider. Together, we give our brokers a competitive edge.

Brendon Wilson
EZ Loader and TMS co-owner

"The integration process with Denim was seamless. It is great to work with a team who is as responsive and involved as the team at Denim. By combining EZ Loader’s automated back office with Denim’s payment platform, brokers can take the hassle out of factoring and focus on their business."

How Denim Helps Brokers

Why we’re the industry leader in cash flow & back office management for brokers:
Automate job submissions with the click of a button through TMS.
Reduced errors, to save time, money, and aggravation.
Automated co-branded & consistent invoicing sent to customers for billing.
Ease of use. We have built the most developer-friendly factoring API.
Streamlined account processes, including invoicing, via our integration with QuickBooks

Ready to Learn More?

We’re so excited to be growing our partnership program and would love to have you along for the ride. To learn more, contact us at