We are Denim

New Name, Same Great Service

The financial enablement platform you know and love, now with a new name

Why rebrand now?

The world is changing, and so are we.

Every week, new headlines are published about the evolving supply chain crisis. But here’s the thing – the pandemic didn’t create this crisis; it merely hastened its arrival. It exposed and deepened cracks that already lay beneath the surface.

For years, supply chains have grown increasingly globalized and diversified, introducing a fragility that was unprepared to meet the heightening pressures imposed by the rapid growth of e-commerce. Pair this with a logistics industry that has been notoriously slow to innovate, and this crisis appears to have been all but inevitable.

Here’s the kicker: whatever happens with the pandemic, the economic trends that brought us here are only going to accelerate.

In this volatile setting, “business as normal” is not an option. Carriers, brokers, and shippers who can’t rapidly adapt to changing circumstances will inevitably fail, introducing more friction into the supply chain and further threatening the viability of their customers and partners.

Denim is building the financial enablement platform for business leaders who aren’t satisfied with that outcome – those who aren’t looking to simply survive in this environment, but to thrive.

Today, our suite of tools enables our clients to automate their financial operations, unlock the power of their data, and access affordable working capital, so they can leverage this increasingly chaotic landscape as a ladder to climb to new heights.

But this is just the beginning. Our vision is to build a single freight payments network that can serve as a common thread for the movement of all goods. By enabling information to flow between parties more freely, we can reduce the friction that currently plagues global supply chains. While no single government or business can independently dissolve this supply chain crisis or prevent the next, financial enablement will be a critical component of whatever combined solution ultimately does.

Our new brand reflects our broader ambitions to weave ourselves into the everyday fabric of the global freight economy. We are Denim, and we’re on a mission to advance the supply chain by accelerating the movement of money and data. Come join us.


Why Denim?

Denim is reliable. It is the constant you can rely on day after day, your go-to pair of jeans.  A tough layer of protection, perfect for the job at hand.

Denim is essential. It was born of necessity: the need for something durable and low-maintenance. It created and empowered new industries. It builds empires.

Denim is universal. Everyone wears it. Young and old, rich and poor. What started as a staple for work has now become a mainstay for society. It permanently changed how people dress. Denim is for everybody and can be seen all around us.We are Denim because of who we are with our teammates.

We are Denim because of what we are for our clients.  We are Denim because of how we want to be for the world: Reliable, Essential, and Universal.

How will this affect me?

The biggest change will of course be the name you say when you refer brokers and carriers to the platform. But largely, your day-to-day life will remain the same. Same great platform. Same wonderful people. Same excellent service.

For a breakdown of what you can expect, and what you should be prepared to do as a Denim client, broker, shipper, or carrier, please refer to our dedicated FAQ.

What is happening to the old name?

We are retiring our former name, but everything else will remain the same.  All of the great same people you’ve been working with are here to stay. Don’t worry, if you happen to accidentally send an email to an old email address, we will still get those at denim.com.


You can always reach our customer support team at  1-855-250-4142 or support@denim.com. Clients, please reach out to your account manager with any specific questions. Not sure who to contact? Drop us a line below:

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